Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nobody Cares

Nobody cares about the "really weird" dream you had last night.
Dreams are completely random images and sounds caused by neuronal firings in the brain. In other words, they are surreal by definition. So, no, your dream was not different or interesting or “weird” (what a ghastly, unimaginative words that is). In fact, the only dream of note would be one steeped in normalcy. And, by the way, your dream also has no deep meaning…at least not in the banal “Intro to Psychology” way you think it does. In the mid-70s, the activation-synthesis scientific theory negated Freud’s ridiculous assumption that dreams are “subconscious wishes to be interpreted.” In the end, a tunnel is a tunnel, a flower is a flower and a murder is a murder.

Nobody cares about your status in FarmVille.
This game allows members of Facebook to manage a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops and trees, and raising livestock. I don't happen to play FarmVille. Know why? BECAUSE I'M NOT SEVEN YEARS OLD. Even worse than grown men and women playing pretend farm is the fact that they post their minute-by-minute pretend farm status. So in order to get to a worthwhile item on Facebook (few and far between anyway) I have to fight through dozens of messages like: "Deb just harvested her chicken coop and found some Treasured Golden Mystery Eggs, and wants to thank her friends for feeding the chickens!" and "Vicki noticed that her crops are a bit on the dry side because they haven't been fertilized yet!"

Playing children's game all day, eh Vicki? Can't imagine why your "crops" are dry.


H. Brandt said...

not wont be ignord

Kelly Simmons said...

You are edging closer and closer to curmudgeon territory . . . if this keeps up you must replace Andy Rooney (please God, somebody replace Andy Rooney . . . )

Anonymous said...

i'll kill two birds with one stone... first we'll discuss the crazy aunt post.

i wasn't aware that being single, 40, with no children and good spirited made you crazy and/or annoying. maybe its the fact that we have no children of our own -- when we see our neices and nephews -- we are genuinely happy for the love and fun we get to have with them. i live alone and work alot... when i see the kids it makes my day and, i've been told, theirs as well. do i act silly around them? you bet it do and i love every minute of it. their parents are all too happy to have me act like a goon and make thier kids laugh so they can have a much needed break. as far as the clinging to the youth statement... hmmm... maybe becuse we have no kids we have a bigger budget and more time oon our hands and we get to indulge our sense of fashion and vanity.

on to farmville and back to the kids... did it ever dawn on you that just because YOU don't play does not mean that those of us who do are morons. more than 2 million people must be grating on your nerves cause that's about how many players there are. and, one of the primary reasons i play is so i can interact with my nieces and nephews who asked me to play with them. i'd hardly consider playing on a vitual farm to be anything as horrible as you portray it to be.

know what i hate... misdirected anger and the musings of someone who thinks they are better than everyone else.

why don't you direct some of that anger to a worthwhile cause.

there are cynics and then are just nasty people who judge others, you fall in the the later.

i was a having a good day until i read your blog and i was once again reminded of how many judgemental assholes there are in this world.

Matt Rosenblatt said...

To Anonymous,
How unfortunate that a simple posting from an "asshole," as you so delicately put it, could sully your entire day.

No fair minded reader would leap to the assumption that my comment about the Progressive campaign is a broad swipe about childless women. I wrote nothing of the kind and you know it.

Regarding FarmVille -- mine was a comic take on what all Facebook users know: they have to trudge through dozens of virtual egg, fertilizer and plow "updates" to get to other news and photographs; so much so, in fact, that "anti-FarmVille" fan clubs have sprouted (pun intentional) all over Facebook.

I'm truly sorry that you took it as a personal insult.

H. Brandt said...

even't to I say liten up, Anonemouse!

Greg Ippolito said...

I agree with Anonymous. What a jerk you are, Rosenblatt!

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